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      2. YG-BU05

        Aluminum pole finished with silver

        Lower pole has beach sand screw

        Features push-up opening mechanism

        Contains adjustable tilt

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        DIAMETER:Protect yourself with its 110 cm diameter

        DURABILITY:The rib will not break should it turn inside out.


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        Automatic open and close - No more struggling with finger pinching release 

        mechanisms.Touch a button on the ergonomic rubberized handle to expand &  

        collapse the canopy making walking through the rain a breeze.

        Automatic Opening & Automatic Reverse Closing!

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        Product Setries
        Design is not just want it looks like and feels like.Design is how it works.
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        Cartoon octopus picnic mat

        High-quality waterproof picnic mat, multi-layer fabrics overlap, feel comfortable and soft, take a picnic and enjoy a pleasant afternoon tea time.

        Our designers incorporate the concept of automatic drawstring retractable poles for camping tents, assemble just in second.Room for 3-4 people, completely block any mosquito case and ensure perfect breathability, make you and your child have a quiet and good night.


        Powder-coated aluminum pole with push-button tilt 
        Perfect for outdoor use 
        With metal title 
        Easy to clean with mild soap and water; store inside when not in use to prolong the life of your umbrella 
        Staked bottom pole easily pushed into sand 
        Umbrella should be completely taken down when not in use or during inclement weather, high winds, heavy rain, snow
        Just 's let me know your any idea or fabirc your want ,we can realize.
        Contact E-mail address :yage7@unique-umbrella.com
        About Us
        Shaoxing Unique umbrella Co,Ltd
        Shaoxing Unique umbrella Co,Ltd

        Shaoxing Unique Umbrellas Co.,Ltd has been a leading factory with 30000m2 production area ,200 workers to umbrella ,outdoor products industry since 2004. which located in famous umbrella city --Songxia twon shaoxing city of zhejiang.Family owned and operated, we treat every customer like they are part of our family! Our goal is to provide a high quality umbrella at competitive pricing with excellent customer service. ... ...

        Enterprise News
        On October 18th, 2019, Decathlon customers came to the factory to discuss projects with our leaders and promote further cooperation in new projects.
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